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Torben Kjaer is Australia’s most respected authority on production line automation. He is regarded as the go-to expert when project or engineering managers need help understanding exactly how the many pieces and parts of production lines fit together to deliver maximum efficiency and profitability.

Through his many years of implementing turnkey systems and fixing software coding for poorly performing machines and processes, Torben has witnessed, many times over, the real reasons plaguing modern performance objectives, things like the ability of machines and processes to self-recovery after genuine production stoppages, misleading or absent live data reporting that leaves operators and maintenance personnel confused and in the dark. He has learned there is definitely such a thing as “the right way” to implement systems, while “the wrong way” costs companies immeasurably.

This is your opportunity to benefit from Torben’s expertise and knowledge. As he details in his book Problem Solved, Torben reveals 10 truths every project or engineering manager must know about why production lines underperform and why most companies accept this as normal and as good as it gets when they could be doing so much better.

If you can change the way you approach basic components of line automation, you’ll finally be able to maximise your line production and create long-term manufacturing success.

Request your complimentary session from Torben and have him help you understand the critical importance of software controls so you can achieve high performance with site-wide accessibility and interconnectedness.

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