Don’t Jeopardise Your Profitability With Bad Information About Production Line Performance!

About Torben Kjaer

Torben Kjaer is Australia’s most respected authority on production line automation. He is highly sought after by project and engineering managers who want to get the most profitability from their manufacturing production lines.

Torben has spent many years implementing turnkey systems and repairing poorly performing machines. He has seen and handled the complex foundational issues that plague line performance such as poor automation, faulty machine interfaces, and bad coding structures.

With over three decades of experience in the manufacturing automation industry with both small businesses and large multibillion dollar corporations, Torben can help you understand exactly how the many pieces and parts of the production process fit together to ensure maximum efficiency and profitability.

In the dynamic book Problem Solved, Torben reveals the 10 truths about why production lines underperform and why most companies accept this as normal and as good as it gets when they could be doing so much better. He separates myth from fact and shares case studies, stories, and practical strategies for creating long-term manufacturing success.